UBC Open Robotics, nicknamed 'OpBots', is an advanced robotics design team at The University of British Columbia. Together, we represent approximately 60 students from various faculties. Our three projects allow us to explore different aspects of mechatronics; from a piano-playing robot, to a painting robot, to an advanced humanoid service bot, we have it all!

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Our current timeline includes 3 different projects: Pianobot, Artbot, and Robocup@Home.

When applying, we ask candidates to rank their project choices and we will do our best to accommodate them. Mentorship opportunities are available for all, however priority is given to our first year mentorship program as well as our admin members who would like to learn more about the technical aspects of our project.

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UBC OpenRobotics highly values inspiring and developing the next generation of engineers. If you are interested in Robotics, Engineering, or just trying something new, please don't hesitate to join our team!

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