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In our second year at UBC, Open Robotics is one of UBC’s newest engineering student teams. Along with our goal of building an autonomous humanoid robot, our team has established an inclusive learning environment with our software, electrical and mechanical training programs. With multiple projects throughout the term and training in CAD, machining, soldering, PCB layout, Linux, ROS and more, our ever-growing team of over 70 dedicated members is engaged in continuously developing our technical skills through hands-on learning and collaborative projects.

V1 Robot
Our team is dedicated to building an autonomous, domestic robot that can provide assistance with everyday activities and eventually compete in the @Home Robocup competition upon completion in 2016! The team began this ambitious feat last year, with the V1 robot (pictured below).

Open Robotics project lab in Hennings
Although the V1 robot will not be progressing to the RoboCup competition, improvements are continuously being made, focusing on issues such as limited freedom of rotation of the body and decreasing the weight of the arm. Using what we learned from the V1 robot, the V2 design is nearing completion and preparations being made for fabrication!

Open Robotics project lab in Hennings
What do we mean by Open Robotics?
Exactly that! Our team strives to keep robotics open for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, engineering student or not, everyone is welcome to join the Open Robotics team. With multidisciplinary training programs across mechanical, electrical and software engineering, members are given the unique opportunity to explore their innovative side with guidance from more experienced team members along the way. So whether your interests lie in mechanical design or software simulations, Open Robotics has a place for you!

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